Personalised Classics - The Perfect Gift for Literature Lovers and Failed Writers Everywhere

So-called writers are a funny breed. Some of us dream about locking ourselves away in a cottage bolthole, amid rolling fields and howling winds, before emerging months later with a masterpiece ready to grace the Western world. Others are quite happy to sit with a laptop in Starbucks all day. Personally, I'm not a fan of the latter. There's something wrong with writers who need you to know what they're doing. They're the same writers who order endless skinny lattes while plotting how their main protagonist should tackle the uncomfortable truth about the family's abusive uncle. It's pretentious. Nevertheless, there's one thing that 99% of all writers have in common - the sad reality is that most of us will never see our name in print.

So here's a fun alternative - personalised classics. Okay, so you won't be the author but you'll at least be the star. Here's the drill. Get yourself online and you'll find a great range of personalised classic novels to pick from. Once you've decided on your story, it's simply a case of personalising your book with the names of your six lead characters. Take Robin Hood, for example. In this instance you can change the names of Robin, Little John, Friar Tuck, the Sheriff of Nottingham, Allan a Dale, Sir Richard of the Lea and Maid Marian. You and your other half can be Robin and Marian, obviously, while perhaps that abusive uncle can be your Sheriff of Nottingham. After that, every single reference to any of these names in your personalised novel will be replaced with the ones you've chosen. Simple.