Free Classic Audio Books - A Deal That's Not Too Good To Be True

With free classic audio books, you can listen to some of the greatest literature ever written-for free!

It's true. Today's technology makes it possible for publishers to deliver classic audio books for free. When publishers do not have to pay for media like compact discs (CDs) or paper and bindings to publish their books, they save a fortune on publishing expenses, and they pass a portion of their savings on to their listeners.

Once a publisher uploads a copy of a free classic book to its web site, it costs the publisher next to nothing to make that book available to the public. The audio book listener merely downloads a series of mp3 files on to their own hardware or listening device.

Free audio books are available only by download. If you get these books on CD, you should expect to pay a fee for hardware (the CD), shipping, and handling.

It's not only technology that makes it possible for publishers to give away free books. Old classic novels, literature, and non-fiction books are extremely affordable for publication, because the copyrights have expired, and the books are royalty free. Publishers provide a much needed public service by making these well-loved, best-selling classics available in free audio book format.

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