Modern Day Urdu Literature - A Review

If you are fond of reading and that to of Urdu literature and that to of classical one, you should be aware of the great writers like Shafeeq-ur-Rehman, Tarar, Yousafi, Hijazi, Ashfaq Ahmed, Qudrut-ulla-shahab, Mumtaz Mufti and so many greats of their time. I have read their books to quench my literary thirst again and again, never felt bore. They are legends, who we all are proud to have amidst us in form and theory of books.

A child growing up nowadays would look stunned by the successors of those legends. I mean, what has happened to the new generation of writers? Why did they miss the classical touch, the super duper novels, the commendable style, the effortless writing, the supreme dominance over readers, the magnificent humor, the sweetest of romance and lovely books of our previous breed of writers. What really happened? I discussed it on Facebook as well in a group, "Shua, Kiran and Khawateen Digest" but there was no female writer to say anything about it. The responses came mainly from readers, just like me.

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