Why You Should Study an English Literature Masters Course

If you're already in the process of studying an English Literature Masters Course, then you'll be well aware of the new knowledge and skills that you'll learn, and the benefits that having an MA can bring. If you're not convinced why you should study English Literature, or stay at university after you've completed your degree, then, this is what you need to know.

* You'll have the time and inclination to be able to study the classic authors that you haven't got round to reading yet. Or, perhaps you've read few books by Shakespeare, Chaucer, Wilde, or Dickens, and want to read more, or want to know how and why these authors are still important and influential today.

* You'll need to read the some of most important books of all time. From the works of Shakespeare and Dickens to some of the more modern classics. If reading is your thing, then surely you'll want to know more about these books and characters.

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